Nova Fleet Management

Putting you in control

Nova offers fleet management solutions, providing a unified environment for all Nova tools and products. This approach provides semiconductor manufacturers with a one-stop-shop for every metrology need.

Nova Fleet Management is designed to address the needs and working methodologies of Metrology and Process Engineers who write and manage their own recipes. The solution offers an easy and intuitive platform for managing and improving the overall productivity of Nova systems.

Comprised of a centralized server dedicated for databases and data storage, network-connected tools and servers, Nova Fleet Management serves as the back-end platform that enables:

  1. WRC

    Wizard-based Recipe Creation and Wafer-less Recipe Creation. An intuitive, easy-to-use GUI simplifying recipe creation. Simply import CSV files, copy necessary elements, attach relevant alignment features, targets, sampling elements, and metrology models, to quickly and easily build recipes from existing elements.

  2. RMS (Recipe Management System)

    driven by a centralized database, the RMS contains all tool recipes and is capable of automatically distributing recipes when changes are made to a recipe. The RMS offers a quick snapshot of element sharing, displays links to NovaMARS solutions, and lets you track changes made to recipes, quickly and easily. You will be able to coordinate between different tool platforms, and set up user authorization levels to ensure fleet safety.

  3. Centralized output storage and management

    in addition to off-the-shelf storage and management solution, Nova allows for customized solutions using customer equipment. Storage capacity is configurable and enables modifications to be made, without interfering with tool operation.

  4. Data analysis

    perform a wide variety of analyses, such the success rate of a recipe on a wafer.

  5. Performance and health monitoring

    ensures that your tools are operating within specifications and enables you to monitor tools’ performance trends.

  6. T2T (Tool-to-Tool) monitoring

    lets you compare different tools to ensure that the same measurement results are obtained on different tools.


Improve productivity


Reduce tool downtime


Control all tools from one station


Provide customized solutions with quick turnaround times


Update the status of your fleet of tools at one glance


Increase performance by taking tool management offline, and to a different level


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